Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling down...

I'm just having one of those days when you just feel sad - you're trying not to cry but everything is conspiring around you to make you cry.

What finally made me break down is something quite silly - I had sent my baby registry to my sister. It had some of the things I wanted to buy for my baby - we had talked about some of them and she had wanted to see it. It was not complete - there were some things I still needed to add but it did have a few things which I had spent a lot of time and research choosing them.

The first thing she said was that a lot of the things were very expensive. They were not that expensive but you could find same stuff in other brands which were priced less. She had some suggestions which were valid & made sense and I made the changes. For other items, I guess I just felt bad that I had spent so much time on deciding on them and she just thought they were a waste of money.

I know I'm being sensitive on this but I guess I would have appreciated a little comment in how some of the items at least we're pretty or nice.

It was the final straw that broke the camel's back. I just started crying after I kept the phone.

Update: I thought about this overnight and looked at my registry again. I think it's fine - I will probably add some stuff later which are less expensive basics but the stuff I have right now are things I want. If people don't want to buy me those things, I am fine with that - I will buy them for myself.

However, to make things more easy for others, I will probably remove some of the things which seem expensive out of the registry and put in a private list for myself. That way, other people don't have to feel bad.

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