Friday, October 6, 2017

First Instant Pot Run!

I bought an Instant Pot for Mother's Day as a gift to myself but before I could open it, we sold our house and had to move. After many months, I finally opened my Instant Pot 3 days ago. After doing the initial test run, I decided to make sona masuri rice in it.

Since it was my first time making this rice in the instant pot, I used 1:3.5 ratio for water for the rice and decided to use 10 minutes of high manual pressure with 20 minutes of natural pressure release and let the steam vent after that. 

As you can see, the rice came out well cooked - if a little over cooked. Next time, I will use less water and release the steam after 10 minutes of natural pressure release and see if that helps. I will update the post then. 

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