Thursday, April 30, 2015

Early Potty Training: Review

I received the book Early Potty Training as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle which I recently bought. As I was skimming through the list of books, I came across this one and chose it to be the first to read. My daughter's almost 3 and while she has been introduced to the potty and sits on it occasionally, she's not keen on potty training yet. My personal feeling is that she's not physically ready yet. 

The book is a short and fast read with tips on how to potty train a young kid - younger than the standard accepted age of 2.5-3 years old. While I personally do not want to potty train younger than 2.5 years, I believe in each to their own. 

The main steps for potty training that the author uses are:
  1. Take child to potty as soon as child wakes up, before child goes to bed and at nap time
  2. Start changing diaper every 2 hours
  3. Then take child to potty every 2 hours before putting on new diaper
  4. When child's dry most of the time, switch to training underwear or regular underwear
  5. Continue diapers for naps and nighttime till completely dry when up after sleep
I read this book to primarily get some tips on how to potty train and how I could get started with my daughter. This would probably more useful for somebody who wants to potty train a 1-yr-old but the tips would apply to any age. 

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