Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Update on Goals

February wasn't a very good month either. I was still dealing with health issues and with my daughter's sleep issues and snowstorms, I didn't get a whole lot done from my goals. I did focus a bit more on cleaning my kitchen and dining table everyday (which gets very cluttered) and trying to contain my daughter's toy explosion. Also, I have been doing more cooking than I've done before.
  1. Lose 12 lbs: My weight machine still is not working. I need to buy batteries for it but because I've been over-eating this month, I'm almost scared to check myself. So I've gone backwards in this goal. 
  2. Learn swimming: I need to fix my vertigo issues before I can try to learn swimming. My vertigo is because of inner-ear issues and I don't want to make it worse. 
  3. Read 12 books this year: I finished Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom and read The Total Money Makeover
  4. Do 12 craft or knitting activities this year: No time for this. 
  5. Introduce a new experience to AGirl once a month: Couldn't get to this mainly because of the weather and my health issues. Hopefully, I'm going to make up for this in March.
Hopefully, I'll get more done next month. 

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