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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Over the last few days, I've read and heard so much about the measles outbreak and people coming out to talk on both sides of the issue.

I'm vaccinated and my daughter's vaccinated. My personal viewpoint is that parents should have a choice in whether they should vaccinate their kids or not and when making that decision, they should think about how their decision affects others too - not just their kids but their neighbor's kids, the kids they go to school with, anybody they come in contact with.

That said, here are some blog posts and other articles that I read recently that made me think more about this issue.

I Wish My Mom Had Vaccinated Me :- Talks about how she was not vaccinated as a kid and how she caught whooping cough, was not treated for it and suffers to this day because of side effects.

Enough is Enough with Blaming “Anti-Vaxxers” :- I have very mixed feelings about this one. I don't agree with a lot the author has to say but she has a few valid points too.

Dear Parents: There are more unvaccinated kids than you think

This Dad's argument for Vaccinations is a Game Changer



Free Printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist

This would have been really helpful when I was planning my friend's baby shower and even when I was planning my own baby shower.

Check out this FREE printable Baby Shower planning checklist from Unoriginal Mom

Free Printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist - unOriginal Mom

Saving money on groceries

Recently, we had some family visiting for a few months and as a result, our grocery bills shot through the roof. It's back to being just us again and I'm trying to reduce our grocery expenses.

One of the reasons our grocery bill gets so high is we buy a lot of groceries at the local indian grocery store and it tends to be the biggest part of our grocery budget.

Use a discount grocer or warehouse club - options for me are Trader Joe's, Market Basket, Costco, ALDI's and Sam's ClubChoose your primary store and learn its layoutWatch the store flyer each weekMake a meal plan and grocery listStock up big on sale-priced non perishablesListen to uptempo music while you shopFigure out the price per unit when buying a specific non perishable itemShop your pantry - meal plan around the items in stock in your pantry So I'm going to start meal planning soon and use the rest of these tips to reduce our grocery costs every month. I will keep updating on how that's going.


Corn and Capsicum Tikki

I made this Corn and Capsicum Tikki yesterday and it was really yummy. I forgot to take pictures but it was fairly simple to make and pretty fast. It is pretty healthy and a good evening snack.

Corn and Capsicum Tikki recipe