Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Recipe Tryout: Skillet Potatoes

I've been meaning to try out some recipes which I've come across online or on Food Network TV shows. So here's my first try.

I saw the Food Network TV Show "Daphne Dishes" on TV the other day and saw her make Skillet Potatoes. It looked tasty and I love potatoes and seemed simple enough - so thought I'd try it. I followed her receipe for the most part with some substitutions - I substituted Gold potatoes instead of russet potatoes and used 1/2 a stick of butter instead of a whole stick. Also, I used a 8-inch cast iron skillet instead of 10-inch.

And here's the result! I made it 2 times and both times it got a little burnt instead of even heating - not sure if it was the skillet or the heat was not correct.

My husband's verdict was that it tasted good except for the burnt parts. I might try this receipe again some time but use a different skillet and see how it comes.

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