Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review: Cinder and Ella

I'm an incurable romantic. I love sappy movies, movies that make me cry and smile and I absolutely love happy endings (even if they're implausible). I love fairy tales.

I love chick flicks and I love reading and Cinder and Ella was the perfect cocktail of both. It had everything I love in a great little package. It had the romance, it made me cry and it had a happy ending. It's one of the better romance novels I've read in a long time. It would make a great chick flick. 

The story is about 2 internet best friends - Cinder and Ella (their screen-names) who bond over the latter's blog and their mutual love for the The Druid Prince series of books. After being friends for 3 years, one day Ella gets into a terrible car accident which kills her mother and puts her into a coma and in recovery at the hospital for the next 8 months. It also leaves her with terrible scars - mental and physical. She's also forced to move cross-country to live with her father who abandoned her when she was 8 and his family - his new wife and her 2 daughters. 

She reconnects with Cinder - who is actually a superstar Hollywood actor Brian Oliver who's just starred in The Druid Prince movie adaptation. He has his own problems dealing with a obnoxious co-star/pretend fiancee. How Ella learns to deal with her family, her issues, how she finds out about Cinder and how she deals with all of these forms the rest of the story. 

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