Monday, January 19, 2015

Indian Peer Pressure for a 2 yr old?

In case you don't know this, I'm from India. And we Indians (Asians in general) are very aggressive about academics. They may not do it consciously but it's there always. (This is a generalization and I'm sure there are those who don't do this. My apologies to those for including them in this) Indian parents may not focus on art activities or sensory activities but may focus instead of teaching kids their numbers and ABCs.

Agirl's 2 and a half years old now and I'm now beginning to get concerned as unlike most asian kids, she doesn't know her colors, numbers or ABCs yet. And she doesn't show the least interest in learning them either. She goes to daycare and they don't focus on academics till preschool which only starts at 3 yrs.

A few Indian people I know have told me in the course of conversation that their children knew their ABCs and numbers by 2 and could read by 3. Some of them had even started to write by 3. The other day, I was at a housewarming party and another parent was feeding their almost-3-yr-old daughter lunch and engaging with them by asking the girl to spell out her name and other words and she was actually doing it. I was stunned.

My daughter's nowhere near stage. She's not interested in doing academics or learning her ABCs either. Every time I try to engage her in something like that, she runs away or starts playing with something else. I've spoken to my daughter's teacher and I know she's on-par with the other kids in her age range and she's where they expect her to be. Only thing is none of the other kids in her daycare class are asian. And asian expectations are high. And she's not meeting those expectations. Should I be worried about this?

I want the best for her. I don't want her to be behind in any way. Neither do I want to force her to learn something she's not ready for. I'm stumped... should I try to spend more time teaching her academics outside of daycare or should I let her learn when she's ready to do it in preschool?

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