Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chores for my daughter

My daughter's two and a half years old and I've been thinking for a few months now that she might be old enough for certain small chores. I've been experimenting slowly in getting her to do some chores. Sometimes she co-operates and most times, she doesn't.

After she drinks her milk, I've been encouraging her to put it in the sink instead of placing it anywhere. I've been asking her to put away her toys. I read some articles to get some ideas on which chores might be suitable for her age. I want to encourage her to develop these good habits now so it gets ingrained into her.

Here's some of the ideas I've had and ones I've read about.

  • Put away her toys after she's done playing with them
  • Put away any utensils like her sippy cup, plate, bowl, spoon, fork, etc in the sink when she's done. 
  • Let her feed herself with spoon and fork and food in bowl
  • Sort toys and put them away
  • Dusting with a cloth or feather duster (keeping fragile stuff out of reach)
  • Helping with laundry - putting dirty clothes into hamper, emptying washer and loading dryer, matching socks from clean laundry
  • Dressing herself - will need help in the beginning. Try easy clothes to begin with
  • Let her brush her own hair 
  • Wash her hands by herself 
  • Let her use a toy broom to clean up messes on the floor
  • Help with preparing food and show how to measure food into bowl & let her do mixing
  • Clearing and setting the table
  • Water the plants
(Disclaimer: Most of these ideas are the WhatToExpect website. All credit to them)

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