Friday, May 31, 2013

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair review

We bought this high chair before the baby was born - I had heard great reviews about this chair and it was touted in all the books as the best.

In the beginning, I liked it. It seemed comfortable for my daughter. I could wipe it clean and use it. I could tilt in the beginning when my daughter couldn't quite sit up and adjusted it as she grew up.

My issues with this chair started when my daughter threw up all her formula and sweet potato together one day. While I could wash the seat and wipe down all the plastic, some of the vomit got inside the crevices and I couldn't clean there. Also, the straps got the brunt of the vomit (apart from her dress) and no matter how much I wiped & cleaned, the stains never went away and I still don't feel happy about her using it.

I tried to let that go - cleaned as best as I could and am still using it. But now, the underside of the seat has started to pill. My daughter has easy access to it since the underside shows up near her thighs and she has happily started plucking away at it more and more. I'm concerned she may put it in her mouth.

Overall, while I was initially happy with this purchase, now I'm seriously considering and looking for another high chair to buy.

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