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First road trip with baby

We took our first road trip with the baby this memorial day weekend to NJ. It was a fun trip and we had a great time.

My daughter was pretty good for the most part. On the drive to NJ, she was awake for the most part and only slept for a hour and a half and awake for the rest of the trip. She was happy playing with her toys and only cranky for the last bit because she had pooped.

On the way back, she slept for 3 hours but pooped twice and so was very cranky. Thought I'd make a list of what I did right and wrong so as to learn from this trip.

Things to continue to do next time
  • Take pack n play - she slept well in it for at least most of the night
  • Extras - Take extras of everything.
  • Pack toys for baby - Taking plenty of toys helped to keep her busy in the car and at NJ
Things to not do next time
  • Sleep in another room if possible - she kept waking up at night and after seeing me, wanted to be with me and not go back to sleep. Sleeping in another room may help and she may go back to sleep on her own after crying for a couple of mins
  • Try to not do a late night for baby - Try to stick to her usual bedtime routine & sleep time if possible. The later it gets, the worse the night is and she gets overtired.
  • Pack lunch - For the road trip, pack lunch for us so as to save on stops & money.
  • Leave early - Leave a little earlier in the day so she can sleep more in the car
  • Change diapers just before you leave and at every rest stop
Overall, it was a great trip and she had fun playing with her cousin and we had fun catching up with my cousins. She loves meeting new people and going to new places and we can travel more locally now with her. 



Some iPhone tips you didn't know about

I came across an article recently about some iPhone tips and it had some suggestions which I didn't know about even after years of using iPhone.

Here are those suggestions:Invert display colors for easy night viewing. o to Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Invert Colors to change your nighttime display.Slide texts left to read timestamp. A few days ago, I found myself trying to find out when a message was sent in iMessages and was not able to figure it out. This is useful info for the future.Ask Siri what's happening on Twitter. For some reason, I've not used Siri much beyond basic stuff like setting a reminder or an alarm. I should start using it more.Putting the phone in airplane mode to charge faster. I don't know if this really works but something i need to try

Saving money on groceries

Recently, we had some family visiting for a few months and as a result, our grocery bills shot through the roof. It's back to being just us again and I'm trying to reduce our grocery expenses.

One of the reasons our grocery bill gets so high is we buy a lot of groceries at the local indian grocery store and it tends to be the biggest part of our grocery budget.

Use a discount grocer or warehouse club - options for me are Trader Joe's, Market Basket, Costco, ALDI's and Sam's ClubChoose your primary store and learn its layoutWatch the store flyer each weekMake a meal plan and grocery listStock up big on sale-priced non perishablesListen to uptempo music while you shopFigure out the price per unit when buying a specific non perishable itemShop your pantry - meal plan around the items in stock in your pantry So I'm going to start meal planning soon and use the rest of these tips to reduce our grocery costs every month. I will keep updating on how that's going.


Free Printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist

This would have been really helpful when I was planning my friend's baby shower and even when I was planning my own baby shower.

Check out this FREE printable Baby Shower planning checklist from Unoriginal Mom

Free Printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist - unOriginal Mom