Monday, July 23, 2012

Questioning myself

I made a big mistake yesterday. I over-reacted and in doing so, caused a big misunderstanding. The fault was completely mine. I've done my best to fix it but the damage has been done. I'm now trying to deal with the guilt of what I did.

I'm trying to get past this - I don't want to stay upset about this and let that affect the baby. But I'm questioning myself - will I be a good mother? If I don't have the maturity to deal with issues and make mistakes like the one I made yesterday, do I have the maturity to be a good mother and teach her the right values and how to deal with life? If I can't be a good friend/wife/daughter/daughter-in-law, how can I teach her to be the same?

I will try to mend my relationships and repair the damage. I also hope that I learn from my mistakes and I will be able to be a good mother.

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