Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1 day to go...

It's hard to believe 40 weeks has flown by and now, I just have 1 day to go for my due date! My baby doesn't seem to have any interest in coming out though. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I'm not dialated at all - not an inch. She said the baby needs to drop down a little more too. I've not lost  my mucus plug yet either. :(

I'm so disappointed. I was hoping my baby would arrive soon - I'm so excited to meet her. I don't want to be induced and would like to go into labor naturally. However, I have other commitments and dates and it's going to be difficult to meet them if the baby doesn't come out soon. My doctor has said she will prefer to wait till 41 1/2 weeks to induce me if I don't go into labor by then - which is going to be around 5th of August, which is going to be very late for me.

I have an ultrasound and NST (Non Stress Test) scheduled for next Monday - the 30th and then the decision will be made about induction. I'm really hoping the baby decides to come out before then.

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