Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Warranty

Last year, when we had owned our house for more than a year and the builder's obligation for 1 year warranty ended, we decided to look into getting some kind of home warranty. We got a basic program which covered most of the main appliances, plumbing, central heating, etc. It wasn't too expensive and we decided the peace of mind was worth it.

Now, it's been 2 years since we bought our house and our home warranty is up for renewal. Considering I'm also expecting my baby in a few days, I'm still inclined to go ahead and get the home warranty this year.

Financially, I know it's not the smartest move. Our house is still new and all the appliances are around 2 years old and I'm not going to be working for a few months when on maternity leave/unpaid leave. Could that money be saved? Yes. But with a new baby in the house and all of the corresponding work involved, if something were to go wrong, would I have the energy/time to deal with that?

I think about this and go back and forth on this. I still haven't decided. What do you think?

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