Thursday, March 3, 2016

Things to buy and not buy in March

March is just beginning and you can get great deals on certain products like chocolates, frozen foods, cleaning supplies and winter gear on clearance.

To Buy:

  • Winter Clearance: It's well known that the best time to buy clothes for a season is a couple of months after the season has started. Right now winter clearance is on everywhere and you can get great deals for next year or even for rest of this winter depending on where you live. 
  • Chocolate: Now's a great time to buy all the Valentine's day clearance chocolate and you can use it for baking or just enjoy the chocolate :)
  • Cleaning Products: There are lots of coupons out for cleaning supplies and combined with sales on the brand name cleaning supplies, now's a great time to stock up on them. 
  • Frozen Food: March is Frozen Food month and you can find good sales on frozen food and stock up. 
  • Luggage: Winter travel is over and summer travel is yet to start. You may find some good deals on luggage. 

Don't buy:

  • Spring Clothes: They will go on sale soon once spring starts. 
  • New Smartphones: Don't buy new smartphones which are still at full price. If you want to buy, go for older models which will be on sale. 
  • Patio furniture: The best patio furniture deals start over Memorial Day or Independence Day holidays

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