Wednesday, July 8, 2015

14 Tips for Visiting Disney World

While we had a great Disney World vacation, there were certain things we did right and some things we did wrong.

What To DO:
  1. Buy groceries online: We saved on time and money by order groceries from GardenGrocer and had it delivered to the Disney resort before we arrived. We bought plenty of water, milk, eggs, bread, jam and yoghurt. The prices were expensive and there's a minimum order of $40 but it was worth the time savings in getting a taxi & going to a grocery store and coming back. 
  2. Take a portable induction cooktop: Our daughter's very picky and doesn't eat anything available at restaurants. So we brought an induction cooktop with us in our luggage and used it to make pasta, heat milk, make boiled eggs for her - I don't know what we would have done if not for this. 
  3. Eat lunch early by 11:30am: We ate lunch on all days well before the crowd hit. We had no lines for lunch and were able to hit some attractions without FP+ during those times. 
  4. Take a nap if possible: We went back to the resolrt for a nap on days when possible. On days where we could not do this, it turned out to be a disaster as my daughter could not handle it. Even though she napped in the stroller, she needed a break from the sensory overload and the heat. 
  5. Get Gatorade Powder: One of the best things we did was to buy a box of gatorade powder and mixed it with bottled water to make bottles of gatorade. We would take 2-4 bottles of these to the parks and it really helped us to not dehydrate.
  6. Wear good shoes: We walked a LOT!
  7. Take snacks: We took snacks for my daughter so she could munch while waiting or walking around the parks.
  8. MyDisneyExperience App: Download the MyDisneyExperience App and use it. It was great for FastPass+ and organizing our trip around the park and for information about various attractions and rides. We also used the DisneyWorld wait times app to get approximate wait times before walking to the ride.
  9. Get there early: If possible, be there before the park opens. The shortest lines were from 9-10:30. 
  10. Use Rolling FP+: We used the Rolling FastPass to get into attractions at Magic Kingdom and cut down on wait times - especially Pirates of the Carribean. 
What NOT To Do:
  1. Make Stroller Recognizable: Attach something bright and unique to the stroller to be able to pick it out easily from the sea of strollers. Cast members kept moving strollers around - couple of times we thought for sure we'd lost the stroller.
  2. Clip-on Fan: Take a clip-on stroller fan. It was HOT down there!
  3. Ponchos: We did not take ponchos and had to buy ponchos for the three of us. Thankfully, I did have a rain cover for the stroller which really helped
  4. Magic Kingdom Visit on First Day of Trip: We visited Magic Kingdom on the 3rd day and made a mistake as AGirl had started to get overstimulated at that point and tired with the previous day's visits to the parks. We should have gone to Magic Kingdom the first day after we landed in Orlando and gone there when we had the most energy

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