Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Health Update

Over the last two years, my health has declined a lot. After delivery of  my baby and breastfeeding and dealing with my daughter's allergies, I had lost a lot of weight - I weighed 107 pounds. But I was getting very less sleep and my health was in bad shape. I was falling sick a lot. I figured it was because of my restricted diet when I was breast feeding my daughter.

I stopped breastfeeding my daughter a year ago when she was around 10 months. After that, it was like no-holds-barred for me - I was eating everything I could and shouldn't. After some time, I controlled myself but still could not stop my sweet tooth and my milk/yogurt habit.

Now, fast-forward one year, I've put on 20 pounds and my health has deteriorated. According to my blood test results, my blood sugar has gone up, cholesterol has gone up and triglycerides has gone up. I haven't received my Vitamin D test results yet but am not expecting good news from that. I keep having aches and pains in my back and start huffing and puffing after some exertion. Because of less sleep and my daughter's clinging to me, I've been very stressed out as well.

I need to take some strict action to lose weight, exercise and eat more healthy. I'm decided to be more accountable for it. Every week, I will post on my exercise and food - what I did well and where I messed up. I'm going to start slow as I don't think I can go cold-turkey.

My goal is to try to hit 10000 steps per day. I'm going to try to walk at least 30 mins a day. I will try to eat salads at least 2-3 times a week. I will try to eat dessert only 2 times a week.

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