Thursday, May 8, 2014

Count my blessings

Today's been a hard day and while I'm trying not to be sad or upset, it is not easy. One thing that helps me is when I'm with my 21 month daughter. She makes me smile and I'm happy when I'm with her.

It makes me think of what I've heard people say helps when they're sad - count your blessings.

1. I have a beautiful healthy daughter who always brings a smile to my face
2. I have a wonderful supportive family who have always been there for me
3. I have best friends who I can always call be it to vent or share my joy
4. I have a good job which pays me a good salary
5. I have a beautiful house and fresh clean air to breathe
6. I am in relatively good health with no major issues
7. God has always been with me helping me and guiding me.
8. I am in good financial shape with no major debts except for my mortgage and have a good emergency fund.

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