Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower on June 23rd and it was so much fun. It was a co-ed baby shower. My husband and I did most of the organizing and my sister helped with the final preparations for decorating & shower games.

We ordered baby shower invitation cards from Vistaprint and mailed them out. We had a tough time finding a good place to host the baby shower but eventually managed to find a place which wasn't too expensive but still nice. We catered the food from the same place and ordered centerpieces and baby shower take-home gifts online. We bought the decorations, balloons and some of the baby shower games from iParty. We ordered a beautiful cake from Jacques Pastries in NH - the cake was delicious and so beautiful.

Two of the baby shower games - Baby Charades and Baby Items Memory Game - we organized that ourselves. We printed some baby related things on paper and couples had to participate - one had to act out and other had to guess. It was a lot of fun and everybody participated in it. For the memory game, we bought a bunch of baby items and organized on a big tray - everybody was given a minute to remember everything on the tray and then write it down. That was a fun game too.

Overall, it was a fun day and went very well. The food was good and everybody had fun. We got a lot of great gifts from people who came - I had put my registry on Amazon; so most people had just mailed the gifts home. A few people bought the gifts over when they came too. I appreciated all the gifts but one of the best gifts for me was a beautiful baby blanket from one of my friends which she had crotchet'd. It was lavender and white with small hints of pink. It's so thick and beautiful that I'm sure my baby will love it.

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