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10 Places to Safely Donate an Old Cell Phone | Phone Service

Since Apple's announcing the iPhone 5 next week (I hope), I will probably be donating my old iphone to one of my relatives in India or to charity. It's in perfectly good condition and works very well. Here's some places to donate an old cell phone if you're planning to switch to the iPhone 5 when it comes out.
10 Places to Safely Donate an Old Cell Phone | Phone Service:

Healthy food vs Expensive food

Was reading an article today at Get Rich Slowly about healthy food being too expensive. I don't think so.

Organic food is more expensive than regular food, that's a given. But in general, to eat healthy food, buying groceries at the store and making them at home is cheaper and healthier than going out.

Apart from the type of ingredients, the way of cooking makes a huge difference. Deep-Frying and Frying & adding lots of butter is not good for health. Oil & Butter is not cheap. Comparatively, steaming is a very inexpensive option. I was reading just yesterday that cooking vegetables by boiling them in water is not a good way to eat them since water-soluble vitamins are washed away in the water. It's better to steam the veggies - that way you don't lose the vitamins.