Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm back! and a story!

Sorry for having been away from the blog for a while. I've been busy with some personal issues and health reasons and was just not up to blogging.

But I'm back and hope to be blogging more.

I'm a big fan of the TV show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman that used to air back in the 90s. I used to watch it infrequently back then because we didn't have reliable TV then. When I was in my early 20s, I discovered the DVDs in Blockbuster and watched all the seasons. I loved how the show attacked modern day issues in the Old American West in the 1860s time period. Plus, the show was based in Colorado Springs and I used to live in Colorado back then. The show covered so many issues - women's rights, slavery, american indian rights, prejudice, ignorance, diseases that it was fascinating to me. I've never tired of watching it multiple times.

A few days ago, I discovered it on Amazon Prime Video and have been watching the shows and I loved this story that the town's Reverend says in a sermon at the end of a episode. I don't know if this is an actual story somewhere else but I've only heard this here.

Once, there was a shabby town and all the people were unhappy, poor and ignorant. Then one day the king came to visit and he told them he had secretly switched a baby in the town with his own. After the king left, the people were afraid. They were worried that when the king returned again, he would be angry if the royal child was unhappy and would punish them. But since they had no idea which child it was, the whole town began to treat each child as though that child were royalty. 
Many years later, the king did return. By then, these children had all grown up and they had children of their own and the town was very different. There were libraries, schools, hospitals, churches and all the families were hardworking and happy. You see, these grownup children had no idea - they had never heard the story of the king. They had no idea that there was a prince or princess among them. They were productive, creative, happy and kind simply because they had been loved and educated and protected and treated as if each child were royalty. 
And old lady on her death bed - she asked the king, "I know that my wonderful grownup daughter - she is the princess, isn't she?". The king told her, " They are all the one". 

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